Xerox Pension and Savings Plan info.

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 Xerox Pension Plan Fact Sheet.

 Your RIGP pension is calculated using three main factors.

  1. Your age
  2. Your Years of Credited service
  3. Your highest 5 income earning years averaged together. These years do not need to be consecutive.

 These three factors will be used to determine the monthly annuity payment you will receive from the company.

 As a Xerox employee you are eligible to receive your pension taken as a Lump Sum. If you elect this the monthly stream of annuity payments is converted to a Lump Sum using:

  • A Plan specific mortality table used to estimate how long you will be alive to receive these payments.
  • An interest Rate. Once your pension is calculated, an interest rate is used to convert the total future payments to a figure representing that total in present day dollars. This figure is your Lump Sum amount. The interest rate used to calculate pensions changes every year in September for the following year. EX- The interest rate that comes out in Sept. 2011 will be used for 2012 Lump sum calculations.

If you began your employment before 1989 there are two lump sum calculations available to you. If you began employment after 1989 there is only one.

Cash Balance Retirement Account or CBRA. The CBRA calculation is available to all Xerox employees.

Transition Retirement Account or TRA. The TRA calculation is only available if you began employment prior to 1989.

You will receive the higher of these two calculations if applicable.    


Xerox Benefits Center 

 When you have questions: 

For general enrollment and eligibility questions, you should contact the Xerox Employee Service Center. 

Call the Xerox Benefits Center at: 

 888-979-9961– Toll-free calls in the U.S. 


Visit the Employee Service Center Online at: 



 or specific questions regarding benefits and claim information, please contact the claims administrator. 

Benefits and savings plan 


Transfer Agent for Xerox Stock-  



You may use the following link  to look up further Benefit information: 

General Benefits Information 

Overview (Intranet Only) 

Access information on a variety of benefit topics, including health care, insurance, time off and work/life balance. 


Access a list of benefit providers with contact information. 


Health and Wellness : 

Your gateway to health and wellness information and group insurance coverage. 


Savings Plan : 

From this site you can enroll in your savings plan 401(k) and access a wealth of investment information. You need a PIN to access this site. 


Pension Estimator : 

On this site you can review your estimated pension payments based on assumptions you provide. You need a PIN to access this site. 


Flagstone Retirement Planning can help employees set up a outside savings account using split direct deposit. 

Split direct deposit 

“:According to the Consumer Federation of America, a large majority of Americans agree the most effective way to build personal savings is to do so automatically by transferring funds regularly from a paycheck to their savings or investment accounts held at external financial institutions. Xerox lets employees regularly send their direct deposit to more than one outside account, making it easier to contribute to a savings account. The trend to automate savings is on the rise, notes a study by The Electronic Payments Association (NACHA) and PayItGreen. Some 73 percent who use a direct-deposit service tuck money away in savings or money market accounts.  Do people save more money when they use split deposit?  A separate study from NACHA revealed that they save up to $90 more per month than those who use another method to save.*” 

(*Lockheed Martin Today , January/February 2011 Volume 17, No.1) 

 This is a great way to establish a relationship with an financial advisor and start building a plan for retirement.  Call us today at 856.892.2081 to find out more. 

 Securities and advisory services offered through National Planning Corporation (NPC), Member FINRA/SIPC, Registered Investment Advisors. Flagstone Retirement Consultants, LLC and NPC are separate and unrelated companies. Flagstone Retirement Consultants and NPC are neither endorsed by, retained by, or affiliated with Xerox.